REIKI healing

Reiki Healing based on idea that health comes from Ki (" energy" in Japanese) flowing through and around us rather than condition of the physical body. Ki is the reason why the physical organs function in a healthy way and when the Ki is blocked, or flow of it disrupted, it affects the body as the illness. Ki responds to persons thoughts and feelings. So positive thoughts help Ki to flow more freely through the body to contribute to improve health . Negative thoughts contribute to poor flow of Ki, causing decrease health and vitality

Reiki is natural and safe way to heal the body. "Rei" means transformation, reaching your higher potential, more harmonious level of physical, energy, mental, emotional state.

I am The Reiki Master since 2010. I can provide you with the Healing as well as could teach you to become the Reiki practitioner, to learn healing technics to help yourself, family and friends, your pets and plants and even situations of your life!

I am holding Reiki 1 and 2 class early next year

Special date for class or healing booked on your request.
Send me your message, please

Everyone welcome! Make a call to book your place! 0428 642 363

Spiritual part of Reiki suggests: Everyone should live and act the way that promotes harmony with one another. On physical level Reiki:

- treats symptoms and causes of illness
- heals holistically,
- straightens the immune system, cleans from toxins
- relieves pain
- promotes natural self-healing
-balances the organs and glands
- relaxes and reduces stress
- releases blocked and suppressed feelings, and more!!!

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