Massage that I practice includes techniques from many different styles that I studied for over twenty years. I have a diploma of Remedial Massage, Sports, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage. Massage Techniques include different strokes, stretching, cupping, rocking, applying pressure on certain points, and others that are beneficial for that specific person with that specific problem.

There is no exact same massage for everyone as we are all unique!

There are lots of benefits of having a Massage. One of the immediate once is feeling of deep relaxation and calm. This occurs because Massage promotes the release of endorphin producing feeling of well-being. Level of stress hormones is also reduced. When muscles get tensed they pull your bones out to the side( vertebrates for example) that is why lots of people go to see chiropractor "to crack" their bones back. Though in the very short time tight muscles pull those bones out of their place again. My Massage is aiming to relax those muscles - so the bones go back to their place naturally, without me pressing on them, only simply because muscle tension goes away and muscles stay relaxed!

When you have a car you take it for regular check ups, change oil, put good quality fuel. That helps to keep it in good condition much longer. Your body needs to be looked after regularly too, don`t wait for aches and pains, pins and needles! Ones a fortnight or ones a month massage will help your body to stay in good health and prevent injuries. Please check my price list for multiple sessions.

Some great physical benefits of Massage are:
Reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, stimulation of lymphatic system, increased joint mobility and flexibility, improved skin tone, improved recovery of soft tissue injuries, heightened mental alertness, reduced anxiety and depression and many many MORE...
ATTENTION! When you receive massage treatment by me, you receive all benefits of Reiki as well(look in my Reiki page) and that is double benefit! Not only your physical body gets well but your energy will be cleared and balanced!!!
So, why wait longer? Book your Massage appointment TODAY, call me 0428 642 363!

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