I am very excited to let You know that I completed my course of healing with crystal wands "Aura Massage and became first Therapist in Australia that does healing using Crystal Ribbon for Harmony and Aura Massage????????????????????????????????
Your energy field, Aura, is continuation of your physical body. It is electromagnetic field, it has colors and some people able to see them. Aura has approximately seven layers, each is correlating to different aspects of your health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of those layers will get a massage, crystal massage by crystal wands, and each aspect of you will receive clearing and healing.
When I do Aura Massage, I do not touch you, work only in your energy field, communicate with your guides and angels ????? ?
What happens to you through this session?
Initiation, Transition to new energy with higher vibration. Your vertical canal will straighten and increase in length: deeper into the Earth and higher to the sky. Transition to fifth dimension reality but feeling grounded, moving forward instead of going around the circle. Can help with physical body issues, especially undiagnosed ones, as it works on many aspects of your health.
I studied this healing modality online, by the Crystal lady named Tatiana Fomiceva from Latvia. Our group members were from all over the world. We connected with crystal energy and with each other through big distance and found out this healing works, does not matter how far away it is between the healer and the client. The Energy travels almost instantly???????????????
I invite you to my clinic, to beautiful Kelso for this unique healing experience, as well as to see all our birds, Black cockatoos are settled on our trees at the moment.

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