Human is a complicated creature, as your physical body gets support by bio-energy structure with aura fields, chakra system and energy meridians. Your energy balance get supported through seven chakras. Seven main chakras indicate your aura field wholeness. They exchange energy between physical body, aura and your environment.
Even there known more then seven chakras, main seven need to be active and work properly first. Then they activate all others and keep you healthy and happy.
Normally, your aura is your protective shield from potentially negative energies, it keeps your body systems and organs in good order. With balanced chakras and aura, your awareness and spirit high, you don`t need to worry about tiredness, viruses, or even curse.

Every chakra has energy of certain color , vibration and frequency. Each crystal has its own energy, vibration and color. Using matching crystal for each chakra, you can bring all chakras in balance naturally.
Modern life, stress, unhealthy food, limited physical activity create energy dis-balance, blocking one or more chakras. Only one your blocked chakra, creates shortage or excess of vital energy supply for internal organs. The result of that could be tiredness, insomnia, feeling nervous, annoyed, ext.
It is easy to keep yourself balanced using gemstones and crystals.
Crystal Ribbon is a long stream of semi-precious stones put close together, that creates unbroken stream of energy from chakra to chakra over middle body meridian. That allows to restore all chakras vibration, dissolves energy blockages, naturally clearing your aura. Your body gets into state of balance receiving pure crystal energy, remembering its original state of ideal health.
Using Crystal Ribbon regularly allows your aura to become clear, wide, bright colored shield.
Improving energy you improve quality of your life: calm emotions, bright mind, young healthy body.
The improvement will start from your endocrine system become working properly, then other systems and organs will follow.
As you change, you relationship with people, your environment surprisingly will change. There will be more happiness and love in your life!
Sessions with Crystal Ribbon go for 30 minutes, in person or distantly.
At first I check how your chakras working, how energy moving in each of them. Then I place Ribbon on the top of you along your body matching sections in the Ribbon with you chakras. Everyone has different respond, when you and crystals connect energetically: warmth, tingling, pressure in certain areas. Relax, observe what`s happening with curiosity, breath, have a good rest, go to sleep, it is good for you!
At the end of the session I check your chakras again to indicate the changes.
Ten sessions,2-3 times a week, with Crystal Ribbon are recommended for your body to get back on the right track. There is a Special multiple sessions discount apply for that.
Distantly energy of crystals works as good as in person. From Australia, Queensland, I sent healing to people living in Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, in other states of Australia. When I work, I can feel your energy, and what is happening with you and can correct healing process if needed. Price for distance healing is the same as a session in person.
Please send me your questions to find out more about this method of healing, phone call is good too.
Stay healthy and happy!

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