Crystals are wonderful healing instrument, each has unique color, shape, size, vibrant energy. They are like you - you have vibrant energy, though yours can change as you contact everyday with different people in different places and their energies that has affect on you naturally.
If you feel uncomfortable going shopping or visiting certain friends, if you feel anxious,or even angry it is not always your feelings, you might pick others energy and feelings. There are crystals that could help you to stay in tuned with yourself, protect you from environmental energy pollution, other people emotions. Instead you will feel peace, balanced and protected.
Different crystals have different properties and there are lots of information about each of them you can find in internet and books.And even after reading it you might think: how do I choose the right crystal for me? First - look at it - what do you see, beyond picture? Try to feel it, your body respond. Ask crystal if it is the right one for you? For different people same crystal would feel different, so, trust yourself, if you like it - it is the right one for you.

I am learning crystals for last fifteen years, since I started practicing Reiki. Then I became Reiki Master and one year ago I was guided to start making healing crystal jewelry to spread Reiki healing that way. It is not only beautiful crystals that do the healing, but also each knot of weaved tread holds Reiki energy.
Each of my peace is unique, will be going to the person that needs it most - it is been proven lots of times this year.
I make necklaces, bracelets, pendants, anything you might think of. I have different colors of treads, tumble stones, points, beads, cut stones for pendants. All you need is: to choose what crystal you are drown to, your request and after it is done you will have your unique healing piece full of love from the Earth and Reiki!
To see my new made jewelry please go to my Facebook page Body Wisdom Townsville or ask questions about anything related to what I do and make through contact page here, on this website

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