" Great lady, great energy, great heart, great experience ! "
Shirley , Tamworth, NSW

"I've had a few healing sessions with Rita, the biggest thing that keeps me coming back is that she genuinely cares.
I've found her Reiki really helps bring me back into balance when life gets a bit hectic and recently she helped me through a big transition with a healing and liquid crystals remedy.
When I first found out I was pregnant I was getting dizzy, feeling out of sorts. The liquid crystals remedy with Rita's guidance helped me to adjust to the changes in my body and feel more grounded.
I'd recommend Rita to anyone especially if they are going through stress or life changes!" - Lauren,Townsville, QLD

"My son and I undertook our Reiki attunement with Rita last week. It was the most enjoyable and peaceful experience. She is very passionate about spirituality and so lovely to spend time with. Will certainly be returning to see Rita for a massage and Level 2 Reiki coaching in the near future"
Karen, Townsville

Rita has a lovely calm personality and has worked her crystal pendulum therapy on me to help with ear pain and headaches a few times now. Rita has also given our cat massages and pendulum therapy that has been amazing .Our cat has been so relaxed through this and calm . Rita also makes beautiful crystal necklaces .I would highly recommend Rita.She is professional in all she does ,going above and beyond.
Victoria, Townsville

Rita`s card emerged in my wallet at exactly the right time - I initially bought a couple of crystals from her quite some time ago, and then went about my life as per usual.

I hit this point last year where I had been actively seeking a reiki healer for some time, but none of the connections felt right. It was then that I found her card - and as clear as day, I knew where I needed to go.
From the very first session, I knew that she worked with energy in a way that was led by her heart. She has exhibited - on every occasion - a genuinely deep connection to universal energy. Rita has helped me to unblock a number of aspects within myself that have been hindering me for some time, in fact, throughout many lifetimes.
She is a powerful intuitive healer, an absolute treasure, and an asset to the grid of light-workers who are working to heal us and this Earth.
Highly recommend, with zero hesitation.
My advice, just go - you won`t look back.
If there was an infinity star recommendation I would use it!
Marie, Townsville

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