HeartSpeak Therapy

HeartSpeak is an exciting, new emotional healing and stress reduction tool.

HeartSpeak educates people about their emotions and stress and the conscious or nonconscious implications upon health, mind and behavior.

Rather than focusing upon the Logical Mind to change behavior, HeartSpeak uses two parts of the mind: The Logical Mind and the Emotional Mind.

The Logical Mind attempts to make sense of the world. It likes to put things in order, to categorise and explain.

The Emotional Mind just feels. There is often no logic attached.

Nonconscious, automatic learned behaviors can keep us stuck without us even being aware. HeartSpeak targets the Emotional Mind, and tackles these unwanted, learned behaviors quickly and effectively.

"Whilst feeling emotions is a normal part of the human experience, if left unprocessed, they often can adversely interfere with life causing physical symptoms (e.g. digestive problems, joint dysfunction, headaches) or behavioral problems (e.g. phobias, mood swings, aggression). To make matters worse, you might not even be consciously aware of unprocessed emotions or why you are feeling them!- says Dr. Anne Jensen, the clinical researcher and published author who developed HeartSpeak.

Using HeartSpeak:

- Change IS possible
- You CAN learn to get out of your funk, to get out of your own way
- If you know what you~re feeling is not "right,- Do NOT settle!

HeartSpeak is simpler than other emotional healing techniques – whilst being quick and effective, achieving lasting changes.

HeartSpeak is: Fast – it typically takes only one or two sessions for clients or practitioners to experience results. Friendly – HeartSpeak gently listens to and works with the heart and emotions, rather than against them, delivering answers about repeated patterns. Fear-busting - HeartSpeak helps break old, fearful, futile patterns so healthier, more expansive ones can quickly emerge

It helps if you:

- feel anxious or stuck
- unable to achieve change on an issue that has plagued you
repeating the same mistakes
- feel there is a distance between "real" you inside and "you" that`s on show to the world.

Through muscle testing we`ll find the cause of your stress and a point of its formation. Then you going fully experience that non-beneficial feeling, and after that, you will feel that extra space inside you with beneficial feeling. And that is soooo beautiful!!!

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