Have you ever had a healing session in environment shared with black cockatoos, blue kookaburras, colorful butterflies and other wonderful creatures? Now you do have a unique opportunity to experience that only a few minutes driving from Townsville city - at Kelso!

Hi! I am Rita White - Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Teacher, Crystal Healer, and The Practitioner of a few others complimentary modalities. I have been practicing for over twenty years all around the world. I practiced in Russia, studied more in Australia and continuing my education annually, learning more about human nature, different ways to help my clients and some ways my clients can help themselves.
Yes, Massage is back into my practice, as well as Reiki healing in person!
Please, book your appointment ahead as all my clients missed me and coming all at once!
I am offering you a wide range of hand made beautiful crystal healing jewelry made with help of Reiki. When you wear your own necklace, bracelet or pendant, you can feel grounded, balanced, peaceful and healed. Custom orders are welcome!

I am very happy to share all my knowledge, wisdom and experience with you, my clients through one or more sessions, so contact me to book your first one and maintain better health!

Please leave your message or call me 0428 642 363 to book your treat TODAY!!!

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